In winter, we must take care of our hands as we do it with our face.

Hands and face are the first affected by seasonal changes. Low temperatures and dry air from outside make the skin directly exposed to dryness, leading to a feeling of discomfort which translates in itching, redness and harshness. If we take care of our face constantly, how do we take care seriously of our hands?

We have asked advice from specialists and they promised that we will have a hydrated and supple skin, if we follow a few simple steps.

Wash your hands properly

Hands should be washed frequently. Unfortunately, the water from the sink is tough and dry. Use warm water, not too hot or cold as it tightens the skin greatly. The soap must be one of quality and to have a neutral ph. When you wash dishes, use special gloves to protect yourself from aggressive detergents.

Exfoliate your hands more than once a week

Winter is not recommended to exfoliate your skin on hands very often. Once a week is enough. Removed dead skin too often leaves hands more sensitive to cold and dehydrates them and this will be visible immediately.

Intensely moisturize your hands

In winter, it takes intense hydration of the hands. It is recommended to carry along, every day, a super-nourishing hand cream and use it whenever needed, especially after we wash our hands, or at least in the morning and in the evening. Choose a cream that contains active anti-aging ingredients to stimulate cellular regeneration.

Call masks for hands

At least once a week after you’ve exfoliated your hands, apply a nourishing mask or olive oil, which is a very good moisturizer, and put your hands for 15-20 minutes in special cotton gloves, for an enhanced effect.

 Wearing gloves

Although at 32 degrees it does not seem very cold outside, your hands feel the temperature change, drastically. The gloves have a protective role, so do not forget them at home. Gloves must be made of a  natural material, that will not allow cold to penetrate, but at the same time to let the skin breathe.