Sweet drinks can be a huge risk to our health, researchers say.

How many cups of juice you drink a day? A Swedish study shows a direct link between the number of sugary drinks – sweetened either with sugar or artificial sweeteners, and the possibility of developing diabetes.

Researchers at Karolinska Institute have published a study, done on the adult population of Sweden. They have made a correlation between the number of sweet drinks and diabetes disease rate. The study quoted by the Guardian shows that if you drink more than two drinks of 200 ml of this daily, you can do both diabetes type 1 or 2. Also you can get an autoimmune disease called latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) – disease that involves a combination of the two types of diabetes. It seems that drinking fresh juice intervene in glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity, leading to type 2 diabetes or sickness of LADA.

Those who consume nearly a liter of sweet drinks a day are 10 times more at risk of diabetes than those who do not drink these juices.

The findings by Swedish researchers were so disturbing that they have decided to extend the study to other eight European countries.