Cupping Therapy is in high demand among Athletes, these days.

           After the Olympics in Rio, I felt that I returned back to childhood seeing many athletes, who proudly display traces of suckers on their body.

Moreover, many of them even said that it is an amazing method that helps them keep fit and healthy.

I could only remember my mother walking through the house with those glasses which seemed about voodoo, when she applied them to my father”s back.

It seemed to me something terrifying and I was looking at my father with mercy. He always assured me that it does not hurt but on the contrary, this cupping therapy makes him better and cures any cold. I never understood why a man might be subject to such therapies, and the shock was even greater when I learned that athletes are subjected too.

So, I started reading and I wanted to share with you what I have learned on cupping therapy.

Cupping therapy  is a technique that dates back from ancient times and it was used mainly by Asian people.

They say it helps treating several diseases from arthritis and diseases of the blood to respiratory and muscle stiffness.

Cupping involves using glass or metal cups from witch the air is extracted air (by burning or with a special device that creates a vacuum) and is applied to the skin. These, when get in contact with the skin, because of the lack of air, achieve a suction spot of the skin. In these circumstances, superficial capillaries break, and blood circulation increases significantly, in the circle designated by the mouth suction cup. The traces remain visible about 2 weeks, and people swear they feel much better.

Unfortunately, in the medical literature there is no scientific evidence to support this therapy as beneficial to health. Some specialists consider that the acting on the well is the placebo effect.

Swimmer Nathalie Coughlin, 12 times medalist at the Olympic Games but missed the presence Rio. This athlete has posted on Instagram a picture that depicts the applied over suction cups.

Cupping therapy has great popularity among Hollywood stars. Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are among those who said they use this treatment.

However, applying this the cupping treatment requires much courage or foundation cream!