If you eat a little chocolate daily it will subtract the risk of stroke or heart disease.

Even chocolate milk has the same benefits, say researchers at Aberdeen University, quoted by The Telegraph. These are good news from researchers.

The new study confirms the already known benefits of chocolate and adding them to the prevention of heart disease or stroke. It was already known that the sweet chocolate reduces memory loss, prevents diabetes, reduces stress, protects skin from the sun and lowers cholesterol.

Researchers at Aberdeen University have observed the eating habits of 21,000 people for 12 years. They found that those who ate up to 100 grams of chocolate daily were 25% less likely to have heart disease.  23% unlikely to stroke.

          “Cumulative evidence that we have collected shows that a higher consumption of chocolate is associated with a lower risk of adverse cardiovascular events.

             This means that not only flavonoids but also other compounds probably milk – such as calcium or fatty acids may contribute to the observed “, said Professor Phytp Myint, head of the medicine for the elderly Aberdeen University, quoted for The Telegraph.

Researchers have resorted to similar studies. They saw that their views on lower incidence of vascular disease is kept consumers of chocolate. Furthermore, those who ate chocolate were weak, were more often moving and had lower voltages.

However, the scientific community reminds us all that there is no miracle food. But health is related to a balanced diet. Also keeping blood pressure within normal limits and more exercise is a good thing to do.