The Chicken Soup with noodles is one of my favorite soups.

I’ve loved it since childhood because it is one of the soups we eat most often.

My grandma makes the best soup in the world, as all grandmothers otherwise. She was cooking always 2 dishes – chicken soup and stew.

It was the best food in the world, though it cooks extremely simple and cheap.

I tried many times to recreate her soup, but I failed. I could not get the taste that fascinated me as a child.

We need one chicken, vegetables for the soup, eggs and flour for noodles. Easy and handy. Boil the chicken until is cooked 1/3, then add vegetables. I let the soup boil gently over low heat to remain sharp. As fire is lower, the soup will get clear. Even though it will take longer, I assure you it is worth.

While I cook vegetables, I start to cut the noodles made in home. They are quickly and easily made from just 2 ingredients. Flour and eggs. The taste is wonderful and does not compare with the ones you purchase. To ease your work, you can also use the pasta machine, but I gave up because I did a small amount of noodles. I added strained noodles in soup, I put back some meat and carrots. Finally, I have added parsley in  and the soup was ready.

I cannot describe the taste of the soup. It is the best chicken soup with noodles which I ate and that brings me to my grandparents’ house immediately. It’s all flavorful, tasty and we can hardly stop from eating that. It’s lovely for the cold weather outside and warms us from the first sips.


1 chicken

2-3 onions

a piece of celery

3-4 carrots

a parsley root

a parsnip root

1 bell pepper

100 g flour

1 egg

chopped parsley