Best Eastern Tabbouleh salad recipe or salad with parsley is the name of the recipe that I want to introduce to you further.

Salads are part of my daily diet and I try to eat as many raw vegetables as I can from markets. I must say that I love tomatoes and I like to use them as much as possible in my recipes, also parsley and mint are again my favorites.

This is a wonderful oriental salad of parsley. It is made from simple ingredients, at hand, but only one ingredient may be a little harder – the bulgur which is a mixture of different types of grain. It is especially is milled rough and big.

For this recipe we need fine milled bulgur. If you cannot find bulgur, you can use couscous without any problems. Simply toss an equally measure of couscous with boiling water and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Couscous is found in any supermarket. You can find bulgur in oriental or Arabic stores, online and even in supermarkets.

After we finished with bulgur, the job is simple and easy. We just chop parsley, as well as the mint and green onions. If you wish, you can omit the mint, or you can replace the green onion with dry onion, but tabbouleh salad will be tastier with mint and green onions.

Cut the tomatoes in small cubes, and if you want you can add cucumber.

You need only dressing of lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. In other versions of tabbouleh salad recipe it is added spices such as cumin and pomegranate syrup. I preferred not to that in order to keep the fresh flavor of the ingredients I used.

And that’s that! Tabbouleh salad is ready. You can serve it as a garnish to any preparation you want. It goes well with any kind of meat, hummus or even baked potatoes. It is fresh, tasty and mostly healthy!


200 g parsley

a bunch green onions

4 sprigs mint

2-3 tomatoes

100g bulgur

3 tablespoons olive oil

lemon juice


Portions: 4 persons

Time: 10 minutes