Hairstyles is a very important element for any woman, that gives her beauty and attitude.

Many ladies tackle their own style to dress their hair. But what comes out of this magical hands of a professional hairdresser is truly admirable.

          Using silk flower garlands, Ulyana Aster manages to arrange these young girls hair, with great delicacy, elegance and refinement. On long hair, she blends the rows of flowers of all shapes and colors, making hairstyles extraordinary. It is not possible to admire these wonderful accessories that literally bloom the image of a woman!

It’s amazing how these attractive accessories instantly transform the appearance of a woman, when they are placed as wreaths on the head like some and then twisted the strands of hair.

Finally, the artist intervenes to support the lasting by applying a strong hair spray. In this manner, Ulyana ensures that these hairstyles do not lose their charm throughout the event.

Since childhood Ulyana was inspired by beauty. Now, hairstyle, professionally and spectacular makeup became her passion. She enjoys the appreciation of each client that steps into the salon where she works, in Ingold Coast, Australia.

In a word, with each hairdo performed, she is extremely pleased and continues the successful career that has chosen.

No doubt, her work is delightful!