Shalimar from Guerlain House -winter holidays are occasions for exotic travel, exploration and unique experiences, new beginnings, with the changing of years.

Such a trip we propose for this Christmas is the Guerlain House- Shalimar- with its new collection and VIP products like – Souffle D’Or, Meteorites Pearls Legend and G. Gather lipstick.

Therefore, gather all your courage, like women from the 20s, and go in to this adventure in the heart of the East India. Let yourself be guided by the intensity of colors inspired by the gold and sapphires, whose harmonies are found in the remarkable packaging including the collection created by Shalimar muse, Natalia Vodianova.

`I wanted my first collection to be called Shalimar and to represent an homage for the parfume I was the image for eight years and which symbolizes my connection with Guerlain`  said Natalia Vodianova.

The collection created by Natalia is a tribute to the love and riches of India. The Shalimar legend (in Sanskrit translated “Temple of Love”) tells the love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal princess.

Ecrin Shalimar: eyeshadow duo, inspired by the splendor of gold and sapphires, eyes become a weapon of seduction. Limited edition.

SHALIMAR Souffle D’OR, limited edition: ultra-fine powder with iridescent particles, notes of bergamot, orange blossom and vanilla. Product magical Christmas Eve or New Year celebration. It can be applied on the neck, cleavage, hair or arms.

Terracotta Terra India: Indian henna inspired designs. Nuance perfectly adapted to cold weather, tanning and slightly iridescent effect.

Precious Light: shade limited edition, pink pearl, provides brightness in the eye and cheekbone.Limited edition.

Meteorites Perles of Legends, limited edition: magic pearl mosaics inspired by Indian palaces. The packaging, created in shades of gold and blue, reminiscent of Indian design. Pink offers fresh complexion, blue correct skin tone irregularities and offers the golden light.