Look in the eyes of a man!

Try not to analyze him, to feel everything that he can transmit. Try to understand! The more you analyze, the more, appear waves of views between you and him which can only distort his image!

Look at an old man!

His eyes you can see pangs of old age. Seen regrets for the years that past in vain. It shows only the daily struggle of life, a fight in which he loses more and more rounds. His eyes cannot see any hope of a future …!

He no longer lives in the past! And is not always a nice past. Listen to the story of his eyes! Read it! Learn from him! Avoid his mistakes! Tomorrow you’ll be in his place …!

Look at a young man!

How much life he has in his eyes…! look at the hope that he forwards. He lives only in the future. For him, the past is not that distant. Anyway, he has not learned much of the past. He doesn’t know what is wisdom!

The young man doesn’t know that the future will be laid out exactly how he build it, but for this he will have to give up many things! He must have great courage to pursue his dream. The young man still does not know how few manage it. Yesterday you were in his place and you can say I am right …!

Look as a woman you once loved madly pass by.

Not alone! In the arms of a man who knew how to give her more than you. Or can you offer you more, but she always looked for less. Only a woman can understand this …! Look for her eyes. You want to understand something of it! Would you like to tell her that you still love her…!

All the memories drown your being! She was once yours and you lost her on the way. She also looks at you and you understand she is another person. You wonder what is the algorithm by which a woman loves…! In a few moments, you give up understanding the whims of a being that even she cannot explain. At most, you try not to repeat the same mistakes with another woman. Even so, success is not going to be guaranteed …!

Look at a snob who descends from a luxury car.

He is dressed in a very expensive suit. The snob did not buy that outfit because he feels better. He bought it to prove others that is prosperous. The snob wants to show that lives on another social level. Look at the arrogance! He believes that the Earth belongs to him.

He does not want even to remember that some time ago he was poor soldering. Actually, he forgotten because his memory is not his strong point. He did not know what he was doing at the time. De didn’t read for sure! Not that he hadn’t got time but because he didn’t know how to. He still does not know. Read his story! Learn from his hypocrisy!

Stop and look in the eyes of a young and beautiful woman!

Look at her arrogance! She is common with a lot of attention from men of all ages and from all women with envy! The young and beautiful woman will not look at you as you watch her. She always had where to get everything she wanted …!

What grinds her most it is whether in life she will make the perfect choice. She can choose any and almost everyone, but unfortunately once. She knows that youth flies. And with it the beauty and her chances will drop dramatically! She knows she can choose wrong. It’s her only resort. Watch her story! Admire her beauty, but do not be subjugated by it …!

Look in the eyes of your parents!

Look at the regrets that they have and learn from them. They always wanted something else for you. Not that they didn’t want you to be happy, but this way they just know that you have been fulfilled …! Maybe you haven’t followed a path that makes you happy, a way that makes you feel free. They look at you with doubt. This is the way they were educated…! To live someone else’s life!

Look at their wrinkles! You’ll get them also! Unless they will invent the formula of eternal youth! Try to see how you are viewed by them. How will you not be admired by anyone! So much love is in their eyes…! They see you always perfect, no matter what choice you make in life. They can see you better than anyone around you. You’re just an extension of their soul. Learn their story! Learn to love as you are near. There will come a time when you will ask yourself tips …!

Look in the eyes of a man!

Try not to analyze him, to feel everything that he can transmit. The more you analyze, the more, appear waves of views between you and him which can only distort his image!

And think that in another time, in another space and another time you’ll be like him!