Let’s talk about past love. They should not be denied …!

Pick one at random! Close your eyes and remember …!

Did you ever imagine that it will never end and that nothing could have touched you? You felt stronger together. Breathe the same synchronicity. Your hands combined perfectly when you touched! You were in love with the whole being in a dimension where time and space did not exist. It was suspended in a indescribable floating …!

Your souls were learning every day how to merge more intimate.

It was something beyond the physical touch. You abandoned each other’s arms in a sweet carelessness!

And what if there were some people that were analyzing you? In fact, they got jealous. You had that special status that others did not have, a chance to live no matter how much money they would have been willing to provide for it.

Madly love! You loved everything around you! Love by every breath!

Love by each heartbeat! Day and night, you lived a sweet madness. You were able to shout your love in the public square …!

In love that it was too much for your being. You wanted to share everybody that state.

Some looked strange to you. They could not understand that state of consciousness. They never knew it, or have known it, but lost it …!

What happened with you now: you miss it!

It’s just an unfinished song. With time, you don’t remember any note of it. You have learned that love ends sometimes. That after the buoyancy follows a fall so sudden that you didn’t got to straighten your legs, even to alleviate the shock!

You have learned that nothing is perfect. That you do not how to comfort a soul torn and still have to live with that …!

Finally, you learned that you should take some time to laugh, to smile again. Had that after some time to learn again all this as a man learning again to walk after being bedridden much time because of a bloody accident.

Only that it has not been an accident. You have learned what love is.

That you suffer even more because you loved more.

You learned what opposites mean! Got that after day follows night. How could you have to understand what is darkness if you have not known the light? You have learned that after heat follows cold …!

How could it be otherwise? Isn’t experience the best teacher? Unfortunately, it is extremely demanding. A teacher who does not know simplicity. A teacher who does not know naivety and mediocrity. An intolerant teacher…!

A teacher that you cannot bribe, even if in your conscience, this thought once caught a small root.

The path is straightforward. Only this way you can transform!

You have learned how much breakups hurts, that love is hate. You understand that in fact you could not give each other anything. Something in your partner being made to shine. Remember, though, that you did not have to shine as if there was no sparkle in you …!

Maybe it was your fault, or perhaps the other’s! What does it matter now?

After some time, you have been watching all this. Relax, and look before you feel ready for new experiences.

One day, you meet someone who starts to resonate with your soul. You feel light, you begin to love …! Now you love different!

Learn again to fly …! A flight that changes your style…!

It’s good? It’s bad? It is and just that!

Must you flee experiences? On the contrary, this is the only way you grow!

However, be carefully! The teacher is very hard!