From one moment to another we wait for something wonderful to happen in our life. A great thing, to give us an unforgettable experience and an intense emotion that dress us from head to toe!

Live for such experiences, for such emotions. They make us go further!

Sometimes the emotion felt is so great that our being cries or laughs, acting like a stopper out of the tub to avoid an unwanted flood.

We cry or laugh just to balance our soul that would otherwise explode with so much energy …!

Sometimes long periods pass without feeling any emotion.

And then we try to go to a show to listen or to see an artist who promises us that our experiences will provide the finest in exchange for that ticket.

We may not feel anything and think that maybe there is something wrong with us. Certainly not! The artist must emphasize beauty, but always fails because he is just a man …!

Other times, we want to love so strongly that we can live love as a character in a famous novel or film.

We need this. We need a love that can tear us apart. A love that will make us forget ourselves. A love that we can carry in another dimension, where there is no malice or tears …! And no pain!

Something our being tells us that we are entitled to it. We deserve it!

Only that often we don’t meet the great love. Unfortunately, we cannot make someone love us, as neither can we love someone else in charge. Realize that not everyone is so lucky. Everything is to be patient, right? And we throw the dices one more time…!

We feel emotion when we meet an old friend about who we no longer know anything.

We enjoy his presence and watch him. We remember lived experiences together. Now that’s excitement!

Sometimes we read a book to go in another space and another time to give us a surreal story that is preferable than the boring life we live. What an emotion!

The problem is accentuated materialism in which we live! We are drowning senses, and it does not leave room for a smile! The artists are not artists, lovers don’t not know how to love, men no longer have dignity, women are becoming superficial handled by an environment that will only want profit!