Do not give up on you!

You thought it was love. I wake you up …!

I said that’s crazy

You wanted me just for you. I never could …!

I would have changed me.


You wanted me to be your orchestra

And I, just a violin!

You said you melt … I refused the second time!

I was just a light touch.


You wanted me to be your whole poem

I was a verse and-so!

And even a verse you would fulfill you…!

I was restricted to a word.


You asked what I could give you.

I tried…! At least I tried!

You wanted me to be your everything …! You know:

It is impossible for me to be in one place.


I was yours only one time and that.

If you have lived like me, it would not be hurt …!

You wanted to turn me into you

How could you be able to love me then?


You wanted a comfort …!

And just a pinch you got

Now ‘I begin to understand:

You would love me even if I hadn’t come!


Why do you want to get tied to me?

Why did you want to give up on you?

Don’t you understand at all? I gave you more than love:

I even offered freedom in feeling …!


And you tell me I will not find another one like you,

With smooth skin, large eyes and full lips.

I know quite well … Lips that lie!

I’ve been there, I know how I feel!


I, at least I was honest with you!

Love me if you will… I don’t give up on me!