Be careful! We often use the words and expressions that call spirits into our lives, that we even do not know or do not guess!

Frequently used words and expressions, such as: what the hell, I hate, nightmare, and other.  Do we know where those words and what they mean? Here is a small list of the 8 phrases that can bring bad things into our life:

  1. It is a nightmare! – an evil spirit, which strangles a person while sleeping.
  2. I hate that! – allowing demons to master you.
  3. It’s crazy! – the desire itself of insanity.
  4. You do not say! – the rejection of all.
  1. Fig, fig – as a curse has arisen on the basis of the German obscene phrases, meaning sexual intercourse.
  2. Hell ! – an appeal to the devil.
  3. I’m shocked – literally means the process of disturbance of the important functions of the nervous system, blood circulation, respiration and metabolism.
  4. I am amazed! – the recognition of its own destruction.

Let’s watch out for these words! They affect our lives more than is commonly thought. Jesus strictly warned us:

Matthew 12:36 For every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account in the day of judgment.