A woman always tends to test the ability of the man next to her.

She will always test as long as you’re not clearly focused on your goals and ideals. So, she does this to undermine your authority. She does this to feel if your masculine energy is powerful enough to sublimate her feminine energy. Her tests will manifest in various forms: she can sigh, perhaps to scream, she can cry, get angry. Her dissatisfaction will not have content. But the more you are stronger and unruffled, the faster you’ll pass the test.

The stronger a woman is, the more and complex her tests will be, and bigger discontent.

With such a woman, your masculine power is challenged over and over and as soon as possible you realize this, you will understand that she is a great gift: helping you grow. And women who are weaker are happy with a “warm” man, which has always need consolation, a man who cannot and does not want to leave the comfort zone provided by his mother and by the woman with whom he lives.

Your masculine strength doesn’t lie in arm circumference.

Your strength lies in the ability to enter into competition with yourself daily. On all sides. Without exception! She must feel that you cannot move from your calmness, whether or not she wants to do that. Your most hidden essence should remain unchanged, and she would love to bits this essence. When you feel you cannot be easily changed and manipulated, she will relax and really gain confidence in yourself. She wants to feel your permanent power, whether of one hundred thousand dollars or not. Because this kind of woman will know that next to such a man, she is always feeling relaxed and protected. She wants to see that you are a strong man, the master of yourself.

This kind of woman will only look at your money when you feel you stumble, when you do not have a direction.

To sum up, she does not need the boy next to a mother, only to him gossip over coffee with friends. She does not need a man weak. If she feel this she will begins to take over from your duties. She will try to become strong, masculine, and that will make her lose her femininity. I do not think you want such a thing.

Learn to go beyond yourself every day. Do not get locked into a complacency that you will not never bring anything good. We are men and need to be strong!