Heat came. Everything buzzing with life …!

Everyone wants to stand out with their best. But you do not need anything to get out of the box!

You’re a woman and is enough! Take a light dress and go for a walk! I hear you saying that you’re unhappy and that dress that you like so much, doesn’t make you so beautiful.

It is useless to think so. Emphasize your skills, no flaws! In fact, what defects? Forget the templates that you must fit in. You are perfect! After all, no one is happy with the way he/she looks. Otherwise, why do plastic surgeons win so well?

Enjoy yourself! You are so lucky that you were born a woman.

You are so lucky that you were born with intuition. You’re so lucky you got the femininity gift that makes the blood of men boil only when you pass them on the street.

Is it not enough for all you to be happy? Think about how many sacrifices a man can do to sit around for you …! He would build an altar, and you do not even want to look to see how beautiful you are?! You are special!

No matter how bad you feel about yourself, you have a more aesthetic character than us men.

And then, how can we see you more beautiful than you consider yourself? Some dream of a lifetime to love a woman whose charm is irresistible, and you do not even realize your power to charm …!

We men admire your femininity, not the position you occupy in the chase for the career you hope you’d ever accomplish. When you give up for the sake of career woman, then you start losing!

Do not run after shadows! Run after life!

Smile, walk like a cat and threw us on the impenetrable makes us man lose our reason. You do not need anything extra. Think of the word “beauty” is feminine! Think about how many poets and musicians were inspired in their works of your presence!

How can you not enjoy these beautiful days? I like the May sun. Why don’t you like it? I like to admire a beautiful woman. Why do not you let yourself be admired?

Enjoy life and let estheticians seek employment somewhere else!