And if you do not want to hear of me, I expect to live other experiences that you will show you that you do not have anyone to replace me with! You will realize in the end that you really love me …!

You would understand that your eyes, shine only when fixed on me! Love…

You would understand that all the choices you’ve made so far, we’ve done just to get at me! Even if you have not seen the complexity of destiny splints that binds us …!

And if you feel that I have nothing to offer you, you will realize that to love yourself is more than enough to be happy.

And if you doubt that I could love you all my life with the same intensity, look me in the eyes one more time …!

If you have the impression that you’re hurt in a day, stop watching the scars other caused!

Do not leave me alone! Not that I would not bear solitude, but I understand as I understand you …! I will always need you to tell me something about myself.

Do get far away! You would get lost and lose much time. You would find your path that takes you back in my arms. If this will help you to know yourself better, then I’ll wait …!

I’ll wait with the patience of a mountain that does not disappear until after the water washed the tears of centuries.

After all, a century of waiting, pales beside one seconds spent with you!

If you do not laugh when you hear my voice, walk around the world and you just understand that my voice can vibrate your soul. And if changing your clothes or hairstyle, makes you think you’ll forget me, you are wrong again. You would realize that the only thing that fits you well is just me.

And if you think you’ll forget me after you throw all my pictures

Remember my pictures are not the ones that made you love me. Throw me! Remove me from you, but know that if I am permanently deleted, I would sprout and grow more powerful …!

Then, I would have the courage to say I was wrong …! I dare to say I love you as much as I loved you from the first moment we drew each other!

And if then you won’t realize that you cannot live without me, it means that you are surrounded only by lie …!