She has a smile that makes me crazy …!

Has that smile that brings back memories …! That makes me talk about my childhood, when I was careless. When I did not think I would be forced to live on my own feet. A moment I know more hatred than love of others, more reason than dreaming …!

A smile that reminds me of the summer wind that is so rebellious and yet so much spoils us with his presence.

She has eyes that can see me trying to hide everything skillfully for so long …!

That look that fascinates me and while I do not understand why I like so much life. Why I like so much to look great. What I like so much to drink hot tea on a cold winter day …!

A look that makes me realize why I sometimes like to go away. In places hidden from civilization and where I can feel very freely without any bias hinder me, not even my own being confined.

A mysterious look that makes me understand that I will never be loved as much as I want but I will not ever be dismissed …! It has a freedom that makes you think about a herd of wild horses that cannot be dominated in any way because by their nature they were born to be free;

Her hair falls on her bare shoulders like a stream of water flowing to the source unstoppable once gave it life …!

She has a hug that’s breathtaking! A hug that makes me not be afraid of anything. A hug for me isolated from everything that is useless in my life and that makes me look like a smoldering coal. Much too hot that just proves it’s gone through enormous heat that’s left behind …!

She has a touch that makes me shudder … like reaching an ice cube on a hot summer day.

A touch that makes you forget who you are and after that remains as a sigh and a tear …!

Whatever she does… Wherever she goes… I see it the same way!

How could I not love her?