I see you shiver when you look at me…

I feel that I want to get under your skin. I realize that you need my touch to feel fulfilled even for one night.

You have that hungrily look that absorbs me as a bird eagerly sip the morning dew on leaves that bear witness of the unbridled thirst …!

I know you could leave behind everything and just follow me.

I know you would be indifferent whether you will live a better life or not, as long as I could be beside you. And even if you’re afraid to admit it, you know I will not be able to give you this. Not that I would want, but my nature is freedom.

And you hope that one day you’ll change me, but you do not realize that if you do that, you’ll not be able to love me. How could you love a man trapped in a box? The box will tighten harder day by day and he will be unhappier. I do not think you could love an unhappy man…!

But I would love you more than I love my own freedom

Then I will surrender, but do not think you could win. I capitulate to love, not to you! Is there a nobler sentiment in this life? So do not try to change me, we would both become unhappy.

So what can you stay?

Look at me, touch me, hoping that one day I will love you the way you want. Or just walk away from my presence that makes your blood flow faster and makes your heart jump out of your chest …!

What if you don’t meet a man who can make you feel so alive?

It’s better not to feel anything at all or just take what you are given in life?

No matter you mind that you attended so many schools and have always been active, have won many diplomas, but still no one taught you how much it hurts the lack of love when you know what delights it can offer. Suffer just like a blind man who was born and once it experienced light. And you wonder if it was better to be born blind ….!

You try to tell me so much

But you do not feel that I understand before a question was born; And not because I am above you, but I suffered like you, suffered and suddenly I understood: try to love without possessing. Possessiveness hurts the dignity of whom you want to dominate. Learn to love a person, not an object.

And if you ask me, I’m sure it’s better to really love truly even a month than to live a whole life in solitude …!