To feel the shiver of love flowing through you. You live a relentless desire to taste as much of the gifts offered by this mystery we call life …!

To not ever get tired of laughing, to not get enough optimism that arises in you when the sunrise fascinates you with his passion !

You don’t not want it to be night, and when it comes naturally anyway, you do not want to sleep at all …!

To not get enough of the beauty of a woman …! Feel insatiable desire to be everywhere at the same time. To live new and new experiences …!

You don’t want to sit still for a moment … Being as fickle as the wind or a gorgeous woman who is courted by men daily … Drunk with her presence!

To realize how big the world is and how little time you have to fully know it …! To feel that you are eternal and no one can hurt you … never!

You feel so great and the Universe … so tight!

To want to be like the wind that blows open when it wants, wherever it wants. Without giving account to anybody but its own conscience …!

To not understand what is your purpose on this earth. And not even care about it… To live and realize just every second of life, like a climber who is not allowed to make any mistakes because it would be fatal …!

Rejoicing that you can run, that you can walk. You can look at the moon’s perfection!

To leap feeling the flavor of favorite food, to feel the sun when you touch your skin, to make love to your beloved, to hear the harmonious sound of a poem written by a poet in love …! To feel the fragrance of a flower’s perfection …

Feel the love …! Enjoy being here and just this …!

Can you too be proud of something like this?