Some people come and go from our lives without us realizing that each of those individuals have changed us a lot.

Maybe they have changed the course of life and did not want this …!

It is strange that we do not even remember so many of them! Sometimes it passes on to our ears a name or a nickname that awakens a memory about someone who was dear to us sometime! We laughed along with that person or maybe we fought …!

So many people and so many names … mask!

We do not think that the person we are today, has little of the qualities or defects of other people of whose presence, once we shared a piece of our soul! If you could gather all beings who we have known, we could do together a portrait of our human being here and now!

But what would there have to be so many people together to define a single person?

Why cannot any of them define us exactly?

Because of the masks we wear …!

Is it only one or two masks? No! There are dozens if not hundreds of masks that we wear with great prowess in order not to expose the real face …!

Why are we afraid to be natural? We lost this naturalness or we never had it?

We are afraid of what people would say if we behave as we feel at any given time? There comes in the mask.

We emphatically cry from the height of the chair, without actually realize how we got to teach …! Tens and hundreds of masks that they change when we meet with parents, siblings, friends!

Does it matter how we feel?

No need to see this! We must always display a happy face, happy. What if someone will laugh when we show our flaws and weaknesses?

We live the lives according with the conception of others! There are opinions that they do not respect themselves, but at least we do try to not get out of line!