If you have the curiosity to watch the flight of birds, their entire ritual to move depending on the season, region and climate, you’ll understand how natural they make everything.

Look at the flight of an eagle …

It is so graceful. He does not think that he never has to wake up at a certain time, does not make plans for anything. Nature acts through him when they eat, when they hunt, when they mate. He just follows the life stream flowing through him. He would not oppose ever, never he will not delay. It is a pure impulse, interior without regard than its own essence.

In nature where is disharmony, there is no tension as there are often met in a human being. Regarding sensuality, look at everything with a certain aversion, as we were taught by the oldest when we were kids. We were learned to blame this erotic energy by parents and teachers.

They did not know to explain why they have blamed this life force that exists in us.

We were dictated the same teachings that they have turn in and learned it from others. Nobody asked why this is so. And if it would be asked what they would be able to answer?

In general, we have a tendency of aversion to things we do not know well enough. If we try to deepen further analysis and searching, we get out of the area that gives us comfort and safety. What will others say? Better to deepen someone else than to be shown by the world with the finger.

After all, the erotic act is an expression of love coarser.

Why should we hide of this? We know very well how we were born … In all of nature life cycles is achieved through this particularly strong erotic impulse. Look at a peacock how he loves playing this prelude to conquer the female that attracts him so impetuous to propagate the species. In general, in all the kingdoms of the female is the one that makes the choice, males have only to show their strength, beauty or highlight some characteristics with which nature has endowed them.

In our situation, things are the same, without exception.

But in men, those gifts with which nature has endowed us, are not much emphasized. Now we have money with which we can buy luxurious cars and clothes that can impress women. Because in turn they were taught that luxury is the most powerful aphrodisiac and preservation instinct of women is higher than men’s.

Conservation means safety. And safety is money, right?

We must not forget that a child has a good chance of survival than if he has good genes of his father. A child does not become strong if he is born in designer clothes … Nature does not know that!

Unfortunately, some men have to offer only money and expensive cars, as some women have to offer nothing more than pure physical pleasure.

But who are we to analyze?