I assume the risk that when someone is looking for a person is led to this quest by their intuition…

… the spirit who knows for sure that what currently exists is not true. This feeling when you know you can live with a man that is beautiful, gentle, but always have the feeling that somewhere there is a better one. This emotion cannot be prevented even when you’re in a relationship. You have someone next to you, but you’re always looking for someone else.

You might look for someone else even when you’re married. Maybe you want a change, there are no emotions or you just want an affair. All these frustrations occur when you’re not fulfilled. Avoiding problems and finding other people turns into a pleasure, then into a habit of bad taste.

When you’re always looking for someone to love and him to love you, it means that you are indecisive and do not see yourself alongside the man who loves you now. You just choose the fear of loneliness or just for carnal pleasure. When you want someone else in your life it means you do not love and you are not spiritually fulfilled. Both. You lie to yourself and including the man beside him. From the moment you’re with the right person and you’re sure he’s the one you were looking for, you do not want someone else in your life. You do not compare and are you sure there is nobody in the world better than him, the right man.