Strong men know when to have sex with a woman when you have to make love.

A strong man does not flatter you does not rush to throw your honeyed words. Strong men are damn good at heart … but … at all. They know when to tell stories and they need to lie you … nice. They know how to play with fire, and how to ignite it. Men are sexy and charm when they cook, when they make dirty the whole kitchen just to meet the woman’s need … exactly as she likes.

A strong man knows how to lift you

To comfort you and to support you, to bear the woman and also knows that perfection does not exist and dolls breaks down quickly. Adora naturalness and simplicity, intelligence and finesse. Loves pleasure with her and determines the survival of a lasting relationship. He has strong arms, although apparently fine, and know when to be careful and when to make mistakes. Strong man accepts, builds, maintains and cares for everything he loves. He knows all the flattering words are of surface, know that everything that is beautiful now, later will end. His character proves that the woman who will stand with him will complete him, knowing that the whole needs halves. Strong half spirits to complete, to compose easily and perfectly a relationship.

You can wipe away the tears of a strong man and the memories shirt of memories

Tell him without looking funny poems, and he listens to you in a penetrating way. You can cook for a strong man, you can smile in the most difficult moments, but then he understands that you, the woman, you’re his only basis.

A strong man loves! And he knows that love only lasts three years, but as long as communication, understanding and wisdom there.

The strong man analyzes, and when mistakes he doesn’t bring flowers

But prefers to talk, to communicate. He loves his woman, just as all do, but a special man knows how to strengthen a special relationship, the woman beside him filling in whole. A strong man understands that the woman next to him is everything. He understands that the woman next to him is not wat some want to name “all” woman, mother, child, home, office, beauty, tears and many dishes. A strong man understands that she needs help, that she must be understood and sometimes protected. He knows what jealousy is and what kind of people are characterized by it, trying as much as possible to bypass despicable scenes and moments that transform a relationship into a prison.

A unique man knows to love damn well, damn beautiful and damned exciting

Because a strong man is not the prince on a white horse, and you, woman, you will not be his princess. You’ll be lucky, because everything that is unique is different. A strong man is not a powerful prince nor king, he is everything that strengthens an army, a full brigade always ready for a fight.

Strong man laughs and smiles when he knows that a woman must fall in love with his smile.

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