“Somewhere Over The Rainbow”- many times we heard the wonderful song, but few of us actually know who sings it. The artist is Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole.

People who knew him personally called him the “gentle giant”, because Israel had weighed 770 pounds and he was 6’3”  height. However, with an impressive body size, Israel possessed a very friendly and warm voice and loved to sing at a small guitar called the ukulele, which create an impressive contrast.

Israel weighed so much not only because he loved to eat, but due to the illness with which he fought until his death. He had the reputation of a very gentle man and  in his homeland (Hawaii) he was highly esteemed and appreciated. Thus, when the disease finally broke, all the flags were lowered in Hawaii. Until then such an honor had only part only 3 people … Israel passed away at just 38 years old, due to respiratory problems. But he managed to leave behind a masterpiece as soft and light as his soul, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow. For sure is one of the most relaxing songs you’ve ever heard. The singer’s voice adds so much peacefulness and serenity that combined with classic song it makes us like it more than the original. Many hear it as hope for a better future.

Somewhere over the rainbow is saying that there has to be something better in this life. That there is calm, peace and love.  It is about dreaming to be in a wonderful world, and seeing at the same time the world is wonderful.

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