In 1974, Marina Abramović organized a photo experiment. Visitors took her cloths off and hurt her with various objects …

People tend to express themselves aggressively, even when it would seem, that there is no basis for such claims. In 1974, Marina Abramović, a legendary Serbian artist undertook an unique experiment, called “Rhythm 0”. She spent several hours without moving into an exhibition hall. In front of a table Marina arranged 72 items. Visitors could take any of those objects to use it as they wished. Some objects could produce pleasure, others – pain. Among them was a rose, a feather, honey, olive oil, paints, a whip, a pair of scissors, a knife, a hammer, a gun, a bullet chains.

Originally, visitors were acting shy and modest. As the artist herself made no movement, their actions were becoming bolder and more aggressive. Suddenly, people began to behave sadistic, encouraging each other, laughing. They stripped the artist, painted it and cuts were applied to the skin. Also they stuck rose thorns in her abdomen. Some bound her with chains, put her on a table with a knife between her legs. At one point, one of the visitors took the gun off the table. Then, he introduced the bullet and pointed it at the head of the artist, but was prevented by another not to.

After six hours of torture, she began to move, and those who had mocked her retreated hastily, fearing that she will respond with force.

“I wanted to prove one thing: it’s amazing how quickly one can return to the primitive savagery, if allowed this,” Abramović confessed later.

The disturbing scene Marina organized once again revealed the human nature eager for thrills,  for aggressive feelings. As other psychological experiments pulled by Marina Abramović, „Rhytm 0” showed how vulnerable we are to the opportunity of expressing our violent nature. The same applies for  shifting our frustration. Soon we will discharge our emotions hitting  an object rather than through abstract activities or meditation.

I a word, aggression redirected towards an object does not consume anger fully. After all, such action is preferable, then aggression against a specific person.