Matches have a principal purpose, such as to give light. But as you will find out in this article, matches can have another interesting purpose, such as to remove unwanted guests that may affect the plant’s development.

The plants we have in our homes give the rooms a touch of heat, but also they purify the air in our homes. Unfortunately sometimes the plants begin to ill for unknown reasons, regardless of our efforts.

Often plants require special care in order for us to enjoy their beauty.

The reason for this illness can be pests, small sized flies that are difficult to see with the naked eye.

Fortunately, there is a very simple and effective method for this problem. It will allow you to quickly get rid of flies in plant pots. You just need a few matches, the usual ones.

Prick the matches with the pins down into the ground at 2 inches to the edge of the pot. Then water the  plants. Change this matches every 2 days until the small flies disappear.

If you use this method is not necessarily to apply insecticides. Phosphorus and Sulphur contained in the  composition of those matches, are absorbed into the soil and effectively removes unwanted guests.