It was the last day of school. Coming home, the father noticed that his son’s room was in order, even the bed was made.

It looked as if the son would tighten up things and left.

Father’s suspicions were confirmed when he noticed a letter on the table. It was written “For dad ”.

Excited father opened the envelope and read the words:

Dear Dad,

I am compelled to tell you that I had left home with my new girlfriend. The reason  I write is because I was sure that you and my mom will make a scandal. I love her very much. But I know that you and Mom will not accept our relationship because of her eccentric character, plus she has tattoos and piercings, wears strange clothes and he’s older than me. But there’s something besides our feelings. She’s pregnant.

Her name is Joanne. She’s convinced that together we will be happy because she has a trailer in the woods and enough firewood for the whole winter. We want more children. Sara m convinced that marijuana is not so bad. We even plan to plant marijuana, so we can sell in order to have money to buy cocaine, which is harmless in small doses. Meanwhile we pray to find an effective treatment for AIDS. Joanne must treat herself, she deserves it.

Do not worry Dad, I’m 15 years old, I can take care of myself. We will come visit, to get you acquainted with your grandchildren.

P.S. Everything’s OK, Dad. I invented everything. I just wanted to remind you that in life things can happen worse than a bad pass mark (you can find it on the kitchen table). I’m Jason. Call me when I can go back home. I love you!

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