You know how hard it is to clean a burnt pan.

A burnt pan can be a dilemma as to cleaning for many as to what products or procedures are cheapest and immediate. It could take considerable effort, the detergents, the long time … And it’s so good to see that all the dishes are bright clean both inside and outside!

That’s why many people seek better solutions for care dishes. And it seems that many of them are even more efficient than conventional commercial products. I will present today one of these solutions, which is quite cheap.

To clean easily a burnt pan you will need baking soda and a large potato. The potato juice in contact with baking soda cleans very well such surfaces.

Cut the potatoe in half and dip it in baking soda.

Wipe the pan with half a potato, as you would wipe it with a sponge. In some places you should apply a little more effort, but the effect will be seen at once!

If you see that the effect is reduced, cut a slice of potato a long the side witch you deleted and continue the procedure. Also remember to occasionally soften the potatoe in baking soda.