The most respected psychologists worldwide highlight it is important to learn to understand yourself and to understand others.

These 18 advice will help solve many situations in life:

  1. If a person does not have anything good to say about himself, but wants to talk, he begins to gossip about others.
  2. Depression is a gift given to a person in order to think of himself / herself.
  3. No one leaves anyone, simply one goes further. The one who thinks is left behind, believes to be abandoned.
  4. If you feel good about yourself, why do you need someone else to good of you?
  5. Do what you want without asking, because you do not know if you will be permitted.
  6. Ability to love and endure loneliness is a sign of spiritual maturity. The best things we do in solitude.
  7. Immature person often knows, but is not capable of. The mature not only knows, but can. Therefore, the immature criticizes and the mature does.
  8. I do not know the path to success. But I know the way to failure – the desire to please everyone.
  9. There is no masculine or feminine logic, there is only the ability or inability to think straight.
  10. Want to know the biggest enemy of yours? Look in the mirror. Face him / her – the rest will scatter.
  11. Achieve success – sorrows will go.
  12. It is pleasant to talk with friends, but with enemies is more useful.
  13. There is only one good reason to destroy relationships and to resign from work – unable to grow from the personal development point of view in existing circumstances.
  14. Share the joy both with friends and enemies. Friends will enjoy, the enemies will mind.
  15. Do not run after happiness, but finds its location. And happiness will find you. I can tell you the location of your happiness – you. And the road to it – the maximum development of all your skills.
  16. Happiness – a product of properly organized activity.
  17. If you want to prove something to someone – means that living for the sake of that person. If you live for yourself, then you do not have to prove anything to anybody.
  18. Better communicate with a good book than a deserted man.

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