The bedroom, according to the ancient teachings of Feng Shui, has duality.

On one hand, Feng Shui considers bedroom a recreation area, on the other hand, Feng Shui bedroom should promote a bright loving relationship.

How do we reconcile this? Here are some tips for the bedroom Feng Shui experts:

  1. Colours recommended for a Feng Shui bedroom

Let’s start with the color gamut of shades that are recommended for a Feng Shui bedroom. If your goal is – to keep the bright feelings of love, during the first years of marriage, decorate the bedroom with something red, and if it does not fit, bright pink or peach. Red, feng shui, creates passion and brings happiness Union. As for the clothes, the perfect white, followed by natural pastel natural shades. Linen blue is extremely unfavorable, it is always better if the main color – white, but the wallpaper and blue carpet is very good. With this combination your bed will be a place where you will feel very warm and cozy.

  1. Plants are important elements if you create a Feng Shui bedroom

Of particular relevance in Feng Shui are the plants, which we love to place in the bedroom. On one hand, beautiful plants only decorate the interior, on the other hand, the power of a large number of colors can interfere with your personal life. Therefore, plants in the bedroom, according to Feng Shui should be the minimum amount of not more than two, they must be in perfect condition and very desirable or to blossom.

  1. The paintings that adorn the bedroom should depict something that you are currently aiming for.

            If you want to find personal happiness, it must be an image of an in love couple. The children in the pictures are good when the couple begins to think about their own child. Bright colors (especially Feng Shui love red peonies) suitable for couples, which is located at the peak of the passion of love, and ripe fruit, tranquil views of nature (but not fall), the philosophical picture will suit mature couples who want to keep their relationship for years to come. It is strictly prohibited to hang in the bedroom feng shui paintings with all kinds of water – the lake, the sea, as well as to put an aquarium.

  1. The crystals scatter light, creating a play of the sun – a great addition to the Feng Shui bedroom for a girl or a married woman.

They create a great mood, attracts the stronger sex, and if the couple has a developed relationship, this is helping to conceive a child. According to Feng Shui, you can use the bedroom with separate crystals as decorations, and the curtains of transparent stones. Another good option of accommodation – the chandelier, where they will play not only during the day, but also in artificial light.

  1. Bedroom Feng Shui – Mirrors against the bed

Feng Shui is categorically against the presence of mirrors in the bedroom, they lead to the destruction of love and marriage. According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, mirrors are conductors in other worlds, through which can penetrate the ghosts or poltergeists  under certain conditions. All this can not only ruin your sleep, have a negative impact on your vacation, but also seriously upset personal otnoeshniya.

And one more thing – if there is a double bed bedroom, Feng Shui advises well – better to sleep on separate beds than two shifted beds or two mattresses and great love and sexual harmony in the bedroom Feng shui will arise.