Recently, I made a very different impression of the knowledge of a man and woman. I was talking with a friend. She was preparing to go on a date with a man she promised to come after 19:00.

When the clock read 19:15, I asked her if she would call him and ask him where he is. And she replied: “No”.

At 19:45 I asked her again if he wants to call. “No,” – he replied again and continued to talk to me like nothing happened.

20:00 Someone rang the doorbell and she asked me to wait.

After 30 seconds, she came back and continued to talk to me as if nothing happened. Curious, I asked her if she is going to attend the meeting. “No” – he replied quietly.

“What happened?”

“I asked him who is he to afford to delay by one hour. I threw flowers in front of him and I slammed the door in his face. “

Yes, I admit, it was a bit too exaggerated and theatrical whole scene.

Certainly, I don’t recommend you do the same. But I admire her very much. Because she does not accept such a relationship in which she doesn’t worth anything. She doesn’t tolerate bad behavior of disrespectful man. And intimates that from the first day.

(Just so you know: that disrespectful man hadn’t even got an intelligent explanation of why he delayed, he just simply delayed.)

My friend told me, “a man must learn how to behave with you.” And I cannot disagree with this. It teaches men how to respond properly to her from the beginning. And all of us should do this.

Tolerate disrespectful behavior that came from a man?

Here’s a list of things that you should not endure. It is not a complete list, but it is a starting point:

  • 50:50 relationship. He, the disrespectful man follows all the things you do to ensure that he accomplishes his side.
  • Asks you to pay for meals at the first meeting or at any other. Maybe it’s old-fashioned, but it’s one thing when you’re the one who proposes to divide the note and another is when he lets you know that each paid separately.
  • delays without notifying you or without a logical explanation.
  • Generally, he does not come, even if promised. And even he calls you the next day or the next week, you should not tolerate this.
  • Constantly cancels or transfers meetings to another day. You’re a backup plan or what’s the deal?
  • Lying about where he is or what people he is with.
  • Humiliates you with his jokes about your abilities or intellect, about your physical appearance.
  • Flirting or “staring” unscrupulously to other women.
  • Does not fulfill his promises.
  • Asks for money.
  • Finally, he presents you as his friend, but not as his girlfriend.

Furthermore, what’s important is how you feel when your husband is doing something. If this bothers you, hurts or humiliates you, then no one has the right to tell you you’re too sensitive. Because these are your feelings, and they are important.

Therefore, know your own worth and not tolerate disrespectful attitude.