Many mothers have noticed that their babies can remember part where they came from. Also remember how they chose their mother and other small details.  More precise the soul of the child.

Here are some amazing stories about the memory of the child until birth.

The mother of a three years old boy, tells us:

“I was preparing lunch and in order to divert the child’s attention somehow and make him sit still even for a few moments, I gave him all the photos that we keep. He takes in his hands a black and white photo with me and my mother (who died shortly before he was born) and he says:

“Mom, I remember this moment, I remember your green dress! You were late at the bus that day. “

I was astonished and asked him: “Son, do you know? Dad told you? “. “Not. I saw from above. They have shown me and told me that you will be my mother. ” Once I began to ask my girlfriends and knowledge about this phenomenon and found that not only my child “remember” from above and looked at his mother before his birth.

My friend told me secretly that her daughter, recently said:

“Mom, red-bearded grandfather, send all regards and said he is praying for you.”

Red-bearded is the great – grandfather of the woman he had seen only when she was little. The only picture of him is in a very poor black and white album belonging to his mother.

Her daughter, certainly could not see that picture. At that age, the child was not interesting in seeing black and white photos when there are plenty of colorful books. After casually talking with the mother, women come to the idea that the soul of the child, indeed, met with great-grandfather before her birth.

Then, on the playground, I talked to another young woman. Her son told her how they were displayed on a screen along with uncles and aunts, and they chose their parents. Yes, the soul of the child that choose his / her mother.

Another mother, learned from her four years old daughter:

“When they sent me in your tummy, an angel came and told me that my name will be in honor of a woman who will help me.”

The girl didn’t know that when her mother was pregnant shortly before birth, she slipped and fell. She was aided by another woman who brought her to the hospital and stood there with her until she was convinced that her mother was well. The name Maria was placed in honor of the woman.

The amazing story, in my opinion, is about a girl Catherine.

At the age of two and a half, she told her parents that along with two boys she elected them as parents.

Only one of them was not allowed to elect them. The second prepared. Within a year, she had a miscarriage – have lost a little boy. And over two years, she gave birth to a healthy boy. “

What is your opinion about this phenomenon were the soul of the child chooses his / her parents?