Strong women don’t fall in love.

They enjoy love, a carefully applied in their lives and escape unharmed.

Only poor women allow love to influence. Strong women are not affected. These women live their own life. Lovers can have adventures, but love – never. Love makes people vulnerable. Love prevents you get what you want from life. Strong women do not fall in love, because love is an emotion. A real woman knows how to control her emotions. A real woman is strong.

Tired of reading this?

I do. Tired and not unique. I tried to hear explanations about how to be strong or weak. What is good and what is bad. Why should we feel and what we need to talk. We are not intimidated when we love, when we are sincere in terms of what we want. And we cannot win this game. Therefore, I want to make a call: we need to stop the game!

Power has nothing to do with those who fall in love very quickly and pass them exactly the same pace.

Sincerity is the power that applies in life, and this means that only you decide your life. Power is that you know what you want, you fight for the life you want. You’re strong when can you ignore those who underestimate you, you know to keep your position and live by your own rules. I believe in love, but also in own capabilities. These concepts complement and do not need to be different.

People who prefer a relationship without obligations that are proud of their independence, will never understand because you need power to love. To show your weaknesses. To put your heart on a platter and desires without any guarantee.

For me, power is to risk everything, because I know that I will recover it even if it will not work.

You can be sad and also strong, scared, but strong. You could start all over again and yet a woman to be unbeaten. Each has its forces. And you must live! Strong women don’t fall in love – an aberration. Cease to believe this idea. Strong women understand themselves. They live each moment of their lives, either disappointment or happiness. Strongest woman are the ones who win, but also there are trampled.

These women are very often down to the ground, but get up.

And do it more often than those who sit in the stands and criticize them. You do not need to criticize power. To achieve what you want, you must follow your dream no matter the opinions of others.

Therefore, strong women fall in love. They build their careers, sometimes staying home and taking care of children. Strong women think differently, but  what unites them is that they decide how to live their lives and do anything to achieve desires.