Whoever you are, whatever you are, I hope you read these lines with an open heart.

I wrote one evening, when I felt that I would like to write to him.

I refrained out of respect for you and your relationship. I do not want to interfere where there is no room for me and choose not to do it.

“One of the purest forms of love is when you want happiness for other, even if that happiness does not include you.”

Not sure who said those words, but I resonate with them very much.

And I really want him to be happy.

This is why … I write these lines to you.

Woman, your man, who’s around you right now, I love him.

Yeah, I know, maybe it annoys you reading this. Maybe I dare too much. But it’s true.

Your man has once been everything that I had ever loved in this world.

I loved as I knew better.

I loved his clumsiness, his courage, his concern regarding me, the moments spent with him.

Probably … I loved everything you love now.

But surely in a different form than yours.

Your love, is your love.

My love, is mine.

But I hope and I wish for you this man is as precious as he was for me.

And I want you to be respectful of my past with him, just as I respect your present.

Because this is how you respect a part of who he is.

The man who kisses your lips now is who he is, because I was part of his life, sometime.

It is possible that some qualities that you love about him now, he learned from me.

But I never gave him the lack of punctuality! Honestly! He had that before … 🙂

I told you I love him … Yeah, I can feel it.

Love that a few years ago was my air, is not dead.

I choose to believe that true love never dies, just changes, takes a different form in time, depending on the experiences we go through.

Now has the shape of a pure love, not asking for anything, but being strong there.

It’s love that makes me want good for him, because his happiness will always bring me a warm smile on my lips, because his eyes, are smaller as he laughs, will always awaken sweet memories.

Do not try to make me disappear from his mind. You can’t. We have our memories forever.

And there is nothing you can do about it.

 I am not competition in any way. I am no longer part of his life, now.

But I am part of him. And will always be.

Now he is yours. And I hope and I wish you love beautiful, now that you know, as you know.

Future wife, I love your husband … because if I didn’t, it would mean I don’t love a part of myself.