Imagine that you are going to buy a car.

How much time do you spend to find your best version in this case? You are aware of many issues, I guess, you think it should be useful for at least a few years. What about when buying a house? I think more time and energy invested in this choice, because you would spend a large part of life there. As a responsible person, you analyze the options, you have the patience to find the closest version of what you want and do not easily compromise. You are patient, look, check, taking into account all relevant issues, consider whether you can afford to have and then, maintain. Now open your eyes for a few seconds.

Consciously answer the next question: when you choose your lover, why don’t you do the same?

You say that I am talking nonsense because they are completely different issues. What does buying a car or house have with choosing a lover? They are clearly different choices. A house will not make us happy as we will do when we get back tonight to our lover from work. The car will not be with us when we are sick. House and car, while useful, are objects. Our lover is a being. True! This is what I’m trying to say.

So, why concern ourselves much more with choices of objects than to get to know our lover? Why assume that if we like her / him, if we love and we say “in a relationship” then the rest comes naturally? Why take into account that after a few years have passed, no matter how well we know each other, we suppose it is natural to do the next step? Even if sharing values, common principles. And we know exactly where we want to go. More, we manage to communicate well enough how inherent to overcome impasses. Especially since everyone already asks:

“When will you have the wedding?”

Unfortunately, we choose much easier with whom we spend our lives than what we buy, what we eat. I wonder: why not choose our car just like that? Because we liked the color, though it has a specific form, because it is beautiful? Why not buy the house just because we liked it at first sight and we love it? Because, in such situations and not all of us, but most of us, we are more aware and responsible. And well we do. Only of relationships it seems we are excellent and we understand. It is not necessary to be careful, on the contrary, the more we lose our minds easier and the more beautiful we dream, the more we feel genuine love. And maybe this is the way it is. Until we wake up and realize that we have overlooked many aspects.

Choose your lover responsibly!

Be careful what you show and do not be fooled by promises. Choose your lover that knows the best you can be. Be curious to know what he /she likes. What he / she does not like what future plans. His / her life story and what his / her friends are. Being curious about values is essential after guiding principles. Spend more time to know your plans before you decide together. Believe in the potential development of your lover, but do not be deceived. Do not love thinking that he / she will change, you might be disappointed. Open your eyes and see exactly what you see, not what you think you see. Cherish more the reality than the illusion and dreams. You can then dream together starting of the qualities you both have in reality.

Rely on intuition, what we feel

Seldom this deceives us and carefully observe, with curiosity and interest the way of our lover’s thinking. Observe the way he / she behaves from the beginning. Give chances but be realistic about the results. Very different from what it is initially, it will not be. For this reason, I urge you: choose your lover carefully! Have the patience to know someone that deserves you and work with yourself in order to become the person that deserves a wonderful person. Grow your pick harmonious and choose responsible people that cherish you. That respect you and with whom to build, not to repair after.

Choose your lover carefully with whom you want to live your life

Because of this choice will depend largely on your moments of happiness or sadness in your life. Along with your lover you will share what’s to happen!