“Their happy story started with a kiss…

After months of continuous conversation, pure feelings, mutual attachment where all that matter was him and her: “Did you eat?”, “How did you sleep?”, “Take care what you wear, it is cold outside”, “Drive safe”. So, they would wake up happy in the morning thinking of each other. They would go to bed after long conversation. As if they were afraid not to lose each other. They seem to know each other so well and destiny gathered them even more. They were happy.

She was in a relationship, he was out of a relationship.

They got closer naturally with conversations about anything, life, relationship, feelings, happiness. As if their past was forever deleted and both of them looked forward for the future. They belonged together, comfort each other, joked, smiled… They were happy. An ordinary shopping walk was for them a reason to show what they feel for each other. With long kisses before traffic lights and honks coming from behind. “You mean the world to me”, he would whisper in her ear. “I never seen her smile so much” someone told him. “I am the happiest woman in the world”, she told one of her friends. Everything was perfect. They were a happy couple.

And it was perfect for a few months.

 For months, they would spend their mornings talking. So, in the next morning realizing they forgot to say “good night”. Also, they were talking at the phone, at the office, at night, in the morning, all the time. They just waited to see each other. Always one thinking of another. Furthermore taking care of the other one. Not because they had to, but because it was the way they felt, because they were happy.

“Drive safe, I won’t be at rest until you arrive home” she would tell him. There were days and nights of unique feelings. Pure and true. The world seemed to be made just of the two of them. The weekends were far from home. The story continued beautifully. No plans, no worries, no efforts. Everything was natural and from the heart. “I wish we were like this forever, the world to be proud when it sees us how much we are in love”, she would tell him.

After a few months, she decided to divorce.

Something happened. All friends and family pressured her to get back at him. At the life she wanted so much to get rid of. “I must give our marriage one more chance”, she told herself. She wanted pure and true love. And yet, she got back in the place she wanted to leave so badly. What is he doing now? Falls asleep listening to their songs. With her picture on the pillow. Wakening up in the night after a dream where she text messages him “Hi, are you sleeping?”. It’s just a dream. But he wouldn’t give up.

He was waiting. For how long he would have to.

He never knew the meaning of “She means the world to me”. She made him happy. He found out. It was her. Just her. He can’t forget,  doesn’t want to forget, would do anything for her. He would like to show her how beautiful everything could be. To make her happy every day, fall asleep in his arms till the morning, spend nights telling stories just the way they use to do once. He wants to be in love and their love to grow, plan for the future, spend holidays together. To go out for walks, take care of each other, be all the time one for another. The way the last song he dedicated for her…

How is she? Is she happy?

Is she thinking in the bottom of her heart “Thought, what if …?”. Will she get back to him? Will her true and sincere feelings triumph? “Good night my love, take care my sweet soul”. This is what he sends her every night hoping she could hear him. She surly hears… He will be there. As long as it takes…”