Sometimes, we want with our whole body to be near a person. Drunk in love.

All the cells in our body tell us that. We imagine the most intimate moments near that person. You plan and desire. We try to impress and win that person’s heart. You would do anything to have that person near. We become selfish and we are ready to go over anyone. Just to have what we want. We are ready to part families, lie, betray. Not to say to disappoint souls because of this blind love, lived at full potential.

Did it happen to buy things and realize you don’t need it?

Also tru in life, with people. Either you saw a person on the street, or on a date with friends, in a holiday or you know that person is in a relationship. Maybe you are drunk in love? Or maybe you liked the way the person talks. Maybe you like it’s unique style or unordinary way of thinking. You had moments when you wanted it so badly, you were envy of those who had it and you imagined how the person would be in your arms.

Sometimes it happens to succeed and to conquer.

Just when you feel the smell of his skin. Wake up in the morning near that person that you wanted so much close to you. You realize you want that person as far as possible. Not wit you in the bed. It sounds childish, but when you get it, you realize you need it or not at all.

Sometimes, the person you want is not the person you need.

You realize this only when you fight for. Therefore it would take pain to have the person near you. They are good people, respectful and with a great soul. So, you just don’t need them. They might not understand or maybe there is no chemistry between the two of you. Or you just realized the person you thought to be wonderful is a racketeer. Expectations don’t always concur. Hence, you must face up to the consequences from the very moment you want someone.

Sometimes, the person you want is not the one you need. So you just realized: drunk in love…