I know it has already been 2 weeks since you broke up with him.

Many days when you barely lived. Thousands of moments when all you wanted was to have him … by your side.

But he is not. And these words won’t be written to reprehend you for loving him.  There are others responsible for doing this around you since you break up.

These words are not written to tell you that you are naïve and you see in him things that your friends deny.

I just come to tell you I know what you feel after a break up

And it is ok to feel this way.

Probably you read the text massages of your phone so many times you already know it by heart. There is no problem. It’s ok you didn’t have the courage to delete them yet. You will delete the messages when you can do it. After a few weeks of the break up.

I think the order of your gallery in your phone is deeply inscribed in your memory. I know, you wished to delete the pictures. But some of them are very good. Anyway, these memories are taped deeply in your memory. What’s the use of deleting physical evidence of your past happiness? Even if you break up with him?

Take his pictures for instance, of his Facebook profile… You know each picture. Every link. You read each comment. You smile when you see a picture and you know precisely when it was taken. And the reason he is laughing so much…

To walk forward, you don’t have to pretend what was never existed.

You need to accept that now he is part of you. Every moment. Every experience. Him… Parts of the person you are today.

I can imagine you are sick and tired of listening to motivational speeches in order to cheer you up. These speeches can soothe you, at a moment… After that you slide again in your pain and nobody can ease that craving that hits you in the most inconvenient moments. I know, it’s difficult after the break up…

I know… But you have to let him go.

Let’s let him go.

Let’s let go of the image you once painted and you thought it was perfect.

Him, the way he was, isn’t…

You, the way you were… You are not any more.

That image… it’s gone. And it will never be.

Ahhh, another thing…

Don’t write him any more…

I know you sent him a few messages after the break up. And you got a reply.

Late, sometimes very dry. Sometimes very warm. Sometimes, not at all…

And yes, it counts all the messages that you started to write him, but you couldn’t send.

Don’t write him. I am not telling you this for your ego. Or some advice given by a relationship expert that he should write first.

No. Don’t write him because you respect yourself. For your love.

He is the one that chose to leave. To break up…

You didn’t agree with his departure.

But you are not the one to judge him or try to change his decision. So, no massage of you. You can do that.

Respect his choice… of the one that was your lover.

Leave him… even if you miss him and it hurts a lot.