“Gathering all of my sufferance at one place I wanted to kill myself.

Four years ago, on a Wednesday. But, in the next moment just realized this was the stupidest thing I could ever do. In a second, I could see before my eyes all the past, and then I realized that that the sad and scared woman wasn’t me.

I was just a shadow of what I could have been. And this is how I started to live truly. The conclusions I have drown won’t have any value if I don’t share with you.

We are born from a pure coincidence or a Divine mistake to live a happy life.

We break the silence of this world with our first cry. To make ourselves heard. All the universe contributed to our coming. We are here in order to leave something behind us, something great that rejoices the heart and soul of everybody that surrounds us. To change lives and destinies. Inside me there is only love, my mind has so many ideas that need development. I live a happy life to help people, including me. One single and wrong choice can ruin everything.

We must know ourselves first.

We must control our thoughts and emotions. After that dare to demand more of this world, of this happy life. After all, everything in in our hands. Many times, people complain. They accuse other people of their own mistakes and that they could not succeed in life. But you mustn’t wait too much to start a new life.

Life can change only when you truly feel this desire. It can become a happy life.

When you want to become a new person in a new world. The person within me, that was born then, in that Wednesday, had the priority to live the present. I understood that things that matter the most were but the ones to come. People I left behind are nothing more than the sum of illusions or lies that happen to us. In that moment, I wanted more from myself. I wanted to prove myself that sufferance is just a passing emotion. Regrets can be compensated with amounts of happiness offered constantly and with serenity.

Believe me, the chance to look things in a positive way only you can achieve.

No one else. I abandoned all the negative thoughts that were accompanying me since I knew myself. I live a happy life now. Patience, ability to be grateful of what I have now brought inside me hope. Hope that all my desires can become a beautiful reality. And now, being happy, I know that everything in our life happens for a reason.”