His name is Andrew. He wants to send a message to all woman that put men in the same position and tell about men they all hurt them and leave them. Andrew doesn’t agree and this are the reasons. All woman should read these thoughts.

“They all leave sooner or later…”

Why do women say this about all of us? They say this hoping that they don’t find the one that makes them fill fulfilled. The man that is beside them doesn’t offer them all the love and affection they need. It isn’t a love story. Feeling this way, an unwanted person in their life, he feels extra and leaves. Or maybe too many women are disappointed by a “wanderer” man that was interested in only fulfilling his “purpose”. After, he leaves looking for other victims, leaving them torn apart and pulled back in a corner of loneliness.

Like a moth that feeds with your soul…

Yes, this king of man leaves, this is the way he is, he comes to go, because he is just like a moth that feeds with your soul in order to destroy you and leave you naked. And this is your love story. They just leave. Let me tell you not all of them leave. There are men that know how to love truly. Men who offer and protect the woman they see crying… only because she is happy. And he holds her hand. Yes, he is not ashamed to kiss her in the park or in the street. There are men that love you the way you are. Because you are theirs.

There are men that know how to offer and cherish

But, to their unhappiness they have beside them, unworthy women that don’t know what they are receiving. Women that don’t know how to love a good man and prefer to leave in the arms of another that don’t offer them protection. More, they breaks them. Subsequently, those men also leave. They leave looking for women that never let them leave, women that love them with good and bad. Love them when they are sad or happy. And when they are victorious or just madly in love.

Men and women that don’t leave… A love story

Yes, there are this kind of man and woman. Men that don’t leave. Women that don’t let them leave. They are true couples. Furthermore, They never arrive late to say that “they all leave”. Dear women, please let’s not talk commonly about men. And you men, stop hating so much the women that were part of your live. Each and every one of us are responsible of our happiness. Both men and women must know to love from the bottom of their heart. To give and keep with all the power. This is because we have only one chance to find true love, our soul mate and our full love. So, when you find it, but you lost it not to be yours, or didn’t know how to keep it, don’t just say to justify your action that “they all leave, sooner or later”.