Look for passionate, strong and happy people. People loving people.

These kinds of persons are like stars; you don’t look up, you don’t find them. Look for people that represent you. They are afraid and they suffer. They have less beautiful days and make mistakes. Likewise they are ready to overcome fear, to influence the flow of the events and color their life. They are not jealous and they do not complain. They accept gratefully the surprises of destiny because they think they are lucky. Part of the destiny are people loving people.

Look for sincere and honest people that won’t hide their anger or hypocrisy behind a smile.

They talk what they think. Sometimes the truth is too painful and unpleasant, but they act sincere, not nastiness, but of love. They rejoice sincerely, lough tuneful and freely, don’t hesitate to be happy.

Look for the ones that can love you truly.

Aim for the ones that deserve your love. Be after the ones that appreciate life, that can express themselves. Look them in the parks and on scenes. They are like children, going through life with faith and kindness. Of course, being realistic and seeing everything that happens, but in the same time being optimistic. Look for them. All you have to do is raise your eyes and look for people loving people, people accepting and loving the real you.