You can hurt feelings of a man easily in certain situations, even if they are known as the “strong ones”.

Either if you hurt feelings or their “macho” pride, they will never forgive you if you tell them one of these things.

  1. You mock his work, you hurt feelings of your man

Tell him that he doesn’t do a good job, he didn’t fix the closet right (although he spent the whole day fixing it with his tools). Tell him that his job isn’t good. These kinds of actions will hurt his felings profoundly. Man bring home the “hunted”. This is the way it worked. Just because you are an independent woman doesn’t mean you should mock his work.

  1. You forget to introduce him

You hurt feelings of a man if you meet an old friend and you don’t remember to introduce him. Most of them will feel profoundly offended and jealous if you don’t introduce them.

  1. You never let him help you in front of others

To humiliate him in private about his alfa male abilities is one, but to embarrass him in public… this is severe. Men are proud and self-conceited persons. If you don’t allow them to help you, you suggest that is incapable of doing that thing. For them this is inadmissible.

  1. You cancel the date in the last moment

Men are more spontaneous than woman. This means develop grater efforts to impress you. If he invited you and you cancel the date at the last moment it is like mocking him. He makes a reservation, is dressed and perfumed, he has hopes and plans and you and you just crush it. Disappointment is very severe for them so you better refuse them from the start. Or ask them to change the day of the date than to change your mind in the last moment.