A strong woman, the Alpha female finds important to live the way she wants to, and not as it is expected from her. And for that, she just needs to be exemplary, bold and fearless.

There are men, Alpha Males, and there are women – Alpha … let there be an Alpha female, and this is how they differ from the rest:

  1. They live the life that they want.

It does not matter one she married, or somewhere in between – she lives as she likes. She is waiting for something special on her hands. If she waits, she fills her time with useful things, that gives her pleasure.

  1. They make the first step.

A strong woman can approach a stranger and say “Hello” or she can talk with the head of the company for a salary increase – whatever it was, this woman will not want to hear a “no” and she will not sit and wait until someone else will give her what she wants.

  1. They do not humiliate yourself.

Few people in this world like themselves 100% as to appearance and the life they have. But a brave woman recognizes that there will always be someone smarter, younger, slimmer then her, but she is not concerned about it.

Intelligence, not only by pretty looks characterizes a strong woman.

  1. They do not need a man, even if they are open to relationships.

In a world where loneliness represents a disease, a brave woman feels quite comfortable and not alone. Fearless woman is not looking for a savior or benefactor.

She is not looking at all. But she is happy to meet someone who will understand  and respect her.

  1. They do not waste time on regrets.

Everyone has a situation in life that we would like to change, but the brave woman knows that the past cannot be changed, you can only learn from it for the future.

  1. They put people in place.

Such an alfa female, a strong woman will not tolerate unworthy indifference to themselves. She knows what she expects from a relationship and she will not allow manipulation from others.

  1. They know when to quit.

A strong woman knows that if something is at the end and it does not work, after a few attempts they will let go and not to waste time and energy.

  1. They worship life and reality.

Flirt in messages – it’s cute and a great start, but if a guy is not ready for it or she cannot find the opportunity to meet with him in real life, she will see her way because she does not have time for it.

  1. They do not pretend or give a good show.

Compete for the male attention and love? Joking, or what?

  1. They are proud of themselves and invest in themselves, from manicure to its reputation.And they are not ashamed of it.
  2. They do not consider themselves the victims.

If something did not work, they do not lose it again and again. They take responsibility for the consequences. They extract the lesson and become stronger.