or “Where there is room for two, there is room for three”

Some people can love so much that take betrayal as their mistake. And accept things the way they are. One person of the couple, the cheating partner, leaves to another, loving, kissing, offering gifts, not having time or giving thought to change something.

The other person of the couple assumes this fact. He / she tells himself / herself the other stills comes back, home. And this becomes an addiction. The cheating becomes an addiction. This is a false impression that this is the way love is supposed to be. When everything is in fact a stupid thing, some foolery of this century, of relationships without future, of people possessed by other people.

You can get involved all the way.

To love from all your heart. You can give in many times and accept the other person’s character. You can struggle and fight for his / her presence in your life. But you can’t accept a third person, cheating. You cannot close your eyes by his / her betrayal. You cannot forget your happiness for a his / her moment of uncertainty. After all, nothing good comes out of this kind of relationship. Meanwhile, him / her allows himself / herself too much.

This is why relationship is relationship!

Two persons bring together, combine characters and desires in order to transform everything in a beautiful story. A story for a few months or for life. Some “other activity” … the couple doesn’t have. “Other activity” being a hidden kiss or a text message in an unfortunate time. Cheating. No! Once you tried and see he / she accepts it, you try again. And these are… circus scenes, not couple activities. So, if he / she cheats, leave! If he / she betrays, leave! If you find out there is another person, leave! There is no happy mean!