Even if you love him and you think things are perfect between you, he might not be the perfect man for you, meaning you have a bad relationship if the following signs appear:

  1. He is selfish when you have sex

You get along wonderful and he is not a tight for money. When you two have sex, he thinks only at satisfying his own pleasure and yours… not at all. If you let him do this every time, it would become a habit for him. Your pleasure will always be the last one. Another bad relationship…

  1. He makes bad jokes

He is always laughing at bad or misogynist jokes. If those jokes are only with his friends it is ok. If he makes that kind of jokes when he is with you or referring to you, you should leave him because you have a bad relationship… again. A man that doesn’t want to treat you right doesn’t deserves your time.

  1. He can’t accept that you… have a past

He becomes jealous and upset when you tell him you had boyfriends in the past. It is an immature reaction and you shouldn’t feel guilty for having a life before he appeared. He should understand you have a past and enjoy the present with you. If he can’t do this, well… he is inappropriate for you and you should move on from this bad relationship.

  1. He is annoyed when you show him you are vulnerable

Women are more emotional; thus, they cry more often. In this situation, men feel uncomfortable because they don’t know how to react to make them feel better. If he is angry instead of showing compassion, you shouldn’t be with him. All of us have feelings and emotions. We shouldn’t be afraid to express our feelings because our partner gets upset.