World famous shrinks have drowned the customs of a happy relationship, that assures stability and love for many years. No matter how your relationship works, it will be interesting what they consider important habits for the magic of love between the two of you never disappears and your other half never leaves.

1. Try to get in bed in the same time (couple in bed)

Remember the beginnings of your happy relationship when you burned with desire to get in bed, so, at the end to make love. Happy couples oppose the temptation to set up sleeping time. They go to bed in the same time even if the partner wakes up earlier o work, leaving the other lover sleeping

2. Find common interests (couple hiking valley) 

After the hot, passionate fire of passion tempers, it leaves place for a clear flame of love, many couples find that they have nothing in common. Though, we must never underappreciate the importance of what you could do (and enjoy) together. Even if you don’t have many things in common you can find common interests you both like (if, of course, you want to have a happy relationship). Don’t forget your own interests and hobby, only this way you become more interesting to the partner and become less dependent to the partner.

3. When going together somewhere, hold your hands or walk together (holding hands)

When you as couple leaves together somewhere, you should not walk your partner behind or run before your partner. They walk together holding hands, or at least side by side. They know their will of being together is greater than one of them arriving somewhere first.

4. Allow your usual “habit” to be trust (trust forgive)

If (more precise, when) you would fight or get upset, know that happy relationship is a happy couple because partners are willing to trust each other and forgive one another. This said, not leaving room for disbelief and anger.

5. Think more of what your partner does correctly instead of what he/she does wrong (couple on park bench)

If you always look of what your partner does wrong, then believe me you find only mistakes. He/she does a lot wrong. That’s why you have to find something better. Everything depends on what you are looking for. Happy couples search only positive actions.

6. Embrace each other after a busy work day (couple hug)

Our skin has a good memory for “good touches” (love), “bad touches” (violence) and “lack of touches” (indifference). Even when you say “Hi” to each other or “Goodbye” to your half, do this by hugging the partner. This way you immerse in “good touches” and these helping us to get past all the difficulties.

7. Say to each other “I love you” and “A good day to you too” every morning (I love you)

This is an awesome way to start the morning with lot of patience and good mood. This way you can get over traffic jams, infinite rivers and the rest of unpleasant things.

8. Each night try to say each other “Good night” no matter (couple in bed)

This tells your partner that no matter how upset you are, your relationship is important and you want to continue. This is a prove that what is between the two of you is more important than an unpleasant incident. A happy relationship is above all small disagreements.

9. Don’t forget to ask each other how things are going (phone call)

Don’t forget to call your partner at home or work to find out how is his day. This is a good way to know what to expect from your partner in time. For example, if your partner had an awful day it is less probable to expect a tremendous joy for your wonderful day.

10. Be happy when someone sees you together (proud couple)

Partners that have a happy relationships are not ashamed to appear in public. Moreover, you and your partner have an emotional contact. Either a simple touch, hand over shoulder or passionate kiss. You don’t want to shock the public, only to show you belong to each other. And satisfaction fills them.

This is a behavioral template that you must apply automatically. In order to become a habit, you must apply it for at least 21 days and it will make your personal relationships more healthy and happy.

The secret for a happy and loving relationship or a usual life is: in a conversation, listen more than you talk, be more interested in than impressing, admire more than be admired.